SAM1501 - Catalog Update (Jan 2015)

  • $ 19.99

This addendum to our Hydrographic Film Catalog includes one sample of every film that we've added to our inventory in the month of January 2015. This update includes 21 films, including Vegas Baby from Hydro Monkeys (UK) & Vega$ from Dip This (UK). A complete listing of films included in this update are listed at the bottom of this page.

All samples are 8" x 10" & come packaged in sheet protectors (some films that shrink severely are laminated) so they can be placed in our binder so you can show customers films that are available to decorate their items. Or you can use them on small items to test the film out before you purchase a larger quantity. We can replace them on your next order as you get a minimum of 3 FREE samples of YOUR CHOICE with every order. We send one extra for every $25 (or part of) that your order is over $75. Another great way to keep your catalog updated .... FOR FREE.

Also available are separate binders that include TWO sets of "Create-Your-Own" index pages so you can resort your catalog between the 2 binders. The index pages include 30 category stickers, so you can choose what categories you want & sort them as you see fit. Follow this LINK to add another Atlantic Hydro catalog binder (w/2 sets of index pages) to your catalog update supplements.

January 2015 Catalog Update Samples:

ABS015 - Vices
ANM020 - Dragon Heads
CBF011 - Red/Black Carbon
CBF023 - Basket Weave Carbon
CBF024 - Black Carbon Weave (100cm)

CBF025 - Small Basket Weave

CBF026 - Checkerboard Carbon
FLG004 - American Flags & Map
MCA013 - Tan Digital
MCA014 - Black & Gray Digital
MCA015 - Blue Digital
MEC002 - V-Twin Power
PCR010 - Crucified Christ
PCR011 - Vampires
PCR012 - Knights in Shining Armor (100cm)
SKL025 - Pirate Skulls
SKL026 - Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
SKL027 - Predator Skulls
STB005 - CreatureBomb
HMVB1 - Hydro Monkeys Vegas Baby
DIP015 - Dip This Vega$

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