Sample Packs & Catalog

For every $25 of FILM purchased, we will send you 1 FREE 8" x 10" sample of ANY film that we sell of YOUR choice, with your shipment. It will come in a protective sleeve that can be placed in a binder that your customers can use to browse the films that you offer. Or it can be used on a small item to show your customers the 3D characteristics of that film.

Also, we are making these samples available for purchase so that you can build your film library for a small fraction of the cost of stocking the film. Most films samples will be just $1.29 cents each. Additionally, we will be offering category assortments for a reduced price. Or choose a 10+, 20+, 30+ or 50+ piece assortment of YOUR choosing for as low as 89 cents each. Mix & match the films from almost ever category to create your own assortment. 

Film samples from Hydro Monkeys & Dip This Hydrographics are $1.99 each & are not included in these "Create Your Own" assortments. However, they are available for order as a category assortment for a reduced price AND they are able to be included as your FREE samples with your shipment.

From the drop down menu of each sample below, choose "FREE Sample", 1, 10+, 20+, 30+ or 50+ pc Assortment. Pre-packaged category assortments are already grouped & priced accordingly. Just choose a quantity of 1 for those assortments. Pictures will not appear in this section & descriptions will not be unique to each film. Please refer to the regular listing of each film for such information.

Pricing for the "Create Your Own" Assortments are as follows:

  • Any 10 Film Samples (reg. $1.29) = $11.99
  • Any 20 Film Samples (reg. $1.29) = $21.99
  • Any 30 Film Samples (reg. $1.29) = $29.99
  • Any 50 Film Samples (reg. $1.29) = $44.99
  • Any 100 Film Samples (reg $1.29) = $84.99

At Atlantic Hydro, we are always looking for ways to partner with you to grow your business & make you more profitable.