HMK004 - HydroMonkeys Small Pistons & Turbos (100cm)

HMK004 - HydroMonkeys Small Pistons & Turbos (100cm)

  • $ 17.99

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A refresh of our wildly popular original Pistons And Turbos film. We have redesigned the original so the film is now a 100cm wide film (the original was only 50cm) and the graphics in the design are a little smaller so look sharper, and work better on smaller items, but are still large enough that they work well on larger projects.

Film Width: 100cm

Recommended Base: Whatever takes your fancy - this film works with almost any colour, as long as it isn't too dark.

Price is for 1 linear meter of film.

Samples of this film are available in a 8" x 10" protective sleeve. Put it in a binder in your shop or use it on a speed shape to showcase this film for your customers. The samples are available for $1.99 each or you can choose one FREE sample for every $25 of film ordered. The FREE sample can be any film you want to try. It does not have to be purchased otherwise. Click the link below to order a sample of this film.


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Or order a sample pack of all of our Hydro Monkey offerings.


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