SAM1412 - Catalog Update (Dec 2014)

  • $ 49.99

This addendum to our Hydrographic Film Catalog includes one sample of every film that we've added to our inventory in the month of December 2014. This update includes 55 films, including Lil' Evil Clowns from Hydro Monkeys (UK). A complete listing of films included in this update are listed at the bottom of this page.

All samples are 8" x 10" & come packaged in sheet protectors (some films that shrink severely are laminated) so they can be placed in our binder so you can show customers films that are available to decorate their items. Or you can use them on small items to test the film out before you purchase a larger quantity. We can replace them on your next order as you get a minimum of 3 FREE samples of YOUR CHOICE with every order. We send one extra for every $25 (or part of) that your order is over $75. Another great way to keep your catalog updated .... FOR FREE.

Also available are separate binders that include TWO sets of "Create-Your-Own" index pages so you can resort your catalog between the 2 binders. The index pages include 30 category stickers, so you can choose what categories you want & sort them as you see fit. Follow this LINK to add another Atlantic Hydro catalog binder (w/2 sets of index pages) to your catalog update supplements.

December 2014 Catalog Update Samples:

ABS013 - Graffiti Skulls StickerBomb
ABS014- US Plates
ANM015 - Fur
ANM016 - Worn Leather
ANM017 - Shark Tank
ANM018 - Butterflies & Bubbles
ANM019 - Bloody Talons
CAR003 - Spiderman
CAR004 - Mickey in Color
CBF019 - Euro Carbon Silver/Clear
CBF020- Black Carbon Haze
CBF021 - Checkerboard
CBF022 - Black 3D Carbon
DIP015 - Vega$
FAB007 - Pink Bandana
FAB008 - Purple Bandana
FAB009 - Black Paisley
FAB010 - Bright Silver Paisley
FAB011 - Light Silver Paisley
FAB014 - Gold Designer
FAB015 - Yellow & Black Plaid
FAB016 - Pink & Black Plaid
FAB017 - Peace Out!!!
FAB018 - White Polka Dots
FWR001 - Groovy Flowers
FWR002 - Red Maple Leaves
FWR003 - Oranges
FWR004 - Sliced Strawberries
FWR005 - Silver Lillies
FWR006 - Black Lillies
FWR007 - Gold Lillies
FWR008 - White Lillies
FWR009 - Pink & Green Flowers
FWR010 - Sunflowers
FWR011 - Colorful Poppies
FWR012 - Silver Traced Flowers
FWR013 - Gold Flowers & Butterflies
HCA015 - Wetlands (100cm)
HMCL2 - HydroMoneleys Lil' Evil Clowns
MAR002 - Silver & Gold Marble
MCA010 - Pink & Purple Camo
MCA011 - Lime Green Camo
MCA012 - Anarchy Camo
SKL015 - Black Metal Skulls
SKL016 - Sinister Sam
SKL017 - Mechanical Skulls
SKL018 - UK Punk Skulls
SKL019 - Ghost Rider Skulls
SKL020 - Spiked Skulls
SKL021 - Silver Skull & Crossbones
SKL022 - Colorful Voodoo Skulls
SKL023 - Pirates
SKL024 - Craniums
WSK005 - Carolina Blue Sky
WSK006 - Violet Lightning

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